Jerry Faulkner and John Mackie head up the Insurance Services Group of FMC with a combined total of over sixty years of experience. They routinely work with other qualified FMC staff members who are specifically selected for each engagement to match their skills and experience with the client's needs. In total, FMC has in excess of 25 staff members who routinely work with our insurance industry clients.

Based on our experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of professional services to insurance companies and insurance-related entities operating in most lines of business. Our insurance industry clients range from privately-held companies operating in only one state to large, publicly-held companies operating in many states. These companies include captives (pure and association), risk retention groups (RRGs), self-insured groups, mutual companies, and stock companies. We have insurance-related clients domiciled in over 20 states.

We provide technical insurance industry consulting and accounting services traditionally associated with only the largest international accounting firms Our owners and managers are regularly involved with our insurance industry clients and represent an excellent economic value, considering their extensive experience, when compared to the international firms. In addition, because of our low staff turnover, we have historically provided a high level of staff member continuity on our client engagements from year to year. In a specialized industry like insurance, this can be a real benefit to management over time.

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