FMC offers business owners an alternative to the difficult task of recruiting, hiring, and supervising full-time personnel to perform the technical accounting and office-related tasks required of most companies in today's business world. The alternative chosen by more and more businesses is to outsource some or all of these technical functions to professionals who specialize in those areas.

Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Allows owners to maintain focus on core business activities
  • Minimizes hiring, training, and subsequent turnover of full-time personnel
  • Eliminates the "fixed" cost of salaries and employment benefits for full-time personnel
  • Provides ongoing access to competent professionals and specialized resources and experience
  • Minimizes the business owner's dependence on "key" employees

Our Outsourcing Group is available to handle all or specified parts of the monthly, quarterly and annual accounting needs of your business. See examples of our outsourced accounting services. We employ a well-trained staff with extensive outsourcing experience working with small businesses and large, multi-state companies. Our staff has expertise with several accounting software packages and we offer assistance and support on site at your place of business, over the telephone, or via remote access from our office using the Internet.

Please contact us to request more information about the services we provide.