• Compilation of financial statements; including monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements. Customized charts, graphs, budgets, and other comparative data can be developed and routinely provided to assist you analyze and manage your business.

  • Preparation of payroll and quarterly payroll tax returns; including annual W-2 and 1099 forms. We can also assist with correspondence to or from regulatory authorities, including the IRS and your state's Revenue Department.

  • Preparation of sales tax returns; including monthly, quarterly and annual returns in all 50 states, as required. We can also assist with state sales tax audits and represent you and your business before the examining agents.

  • Preparation of annual business tax returns and reporting forms; including gross receipts tax returns, annual Secretary of State reports, and personal property tax schedules.

  • Maintenance of fixed asset records and depreciation schedules; includes detailed listings of fixed assets for insurance coverage updates, and capital budgeting, maintenance and replacement analysis, and updates of depreciation expense calculations for use in financial statement and income tax reporting.

Additional Services

  • Assistance with business start-up and expansion
  • Installation or conversion to new accounting system
  • Streamlining of accounting and administrative functions in your office
  • Telephone support and e-mail assistance in maintaining your accounting system
  • Review and analysis of monthly, quarterly, or annual operating results with the business owner
  • Functioning as part-time Controller or Chief Financial Officer
  • Periodic business "health check-up" analysis and consultations


Please contact us to request more information about the services we provide.