Today's internal audit function is not just about prevention; it's about solving future problems and improving business processes.  Whether your company wants to build an internal audit function from the ground up or whether you need external reinforcement, FMC is here to help.  By outsourcing all or a portion of this part of the business to our competent and qualified business-minded professionals, you will gain a fresh perspective in assessing company business risks and achieving a proactive internal audit function. We customize our services and the approach to building or supporting internal audit systems based on our client's specific needs.

Our Internal Audit Services include:

Building an Internal Audit Function

We work closely with management to design the structure of the internal audit function and to define the objectives to be achieved. We are experienced in providing complete internal audit outsourcing services where we assume all internal audit responsibilities. As a result of outsourcing this function, company management will:

  • Maintain focus on company core business activities
  • Access specialized professional resources and experience
  • Reduce fixed costs of salaries and benefits of full-time personnel
  • Minimize hiring, training, and subsequent turnover of full-time personnel
  • Minimize the owner's dependence on "key" employees

Enhancement of Existing Department

Existing internal audit departments often have limited personnel resources, especially when unanticipated events occur (e.g. a merger, staff turnover, etc.). We can provide specialized expertise and/or needed staff personnel to supplement your existing internal audit resources. We have experience providing value-driven solutions to satisfy a broad range of contract audit needs, including:

  • Audits of specialized subsidiaries or processes
  • Due diligence procedures for acquisitions
  • Crisis audit situations (sudden staff turnover, potential fraud, etc.)
  • Geographically diverse operations

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